Business Application – Radian Lens

Radian Lens - UX Consultation

Radian Generation manages solar plants and installations for their clients. To assist in this process, they developed a browser-based Software as a Service application called Radian Lens. Eventually, they began to license this application to their clients so they could manage their own assets.

That meant the interface that had originally been designed by the developers needed to be re-considered for much better usability.

The Gerstle Group was hired to consult over the user experience strategy for modifications to the existing interface, and provide best-practices design guidelines for new functionality.  The data visualization was an important element for customers, and the desired customization and management of those visualizations presented the greatest challenges. We worked closely with clients and end users to identify pain-points and opportunities, and determined the optimal experiences that accommodate users’ needs and the technical capabilities.

We also provided the developers a Design Pattern Library to continue to use for future feature development after our collaboration concluded.

Adoption of the application improved, and customer support demand decreased.

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